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Huge Congratulations to Clocktower's Certified Cosmetic Clinician!

Friday 10th March 2017

There were celebrations aplenty at Clocktower Dental this week after our dentist Keya successfully completed her Certificate in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry at the Tipton Training Dental Academy in London.


Keya, pictured left receiving her accreditation from Professor Paul Tipton himself, has been attending the course over the past year to improve her already formidable skills at cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. Topics covered in this comprehensive course ranged from porcelain onlays and veneers, to composite build ups, to the optimum techniques in shade taking (crucial in getting your restorations just right) – and just about everything in between!


Keya can’t wait to use this knowledge to help her patients achieve the sparkling smile they’ve always wanted, so if you’ve ever had any doubts about your smile, why not come and see her for a consultation and find out how she can help? And keep checking back here as well, as we’ll shortly be launching some very exciting new services utilising Keya’s cosmetic skills!

Thinking of straightening your teeth? The choice is clear at Clocktower Dental - Invisalign is here!

Monday 20th February 2017

It’s official! Clocktower Dental is now proud to be able to offer our patients Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces that has given over 3.5 million people worldwide a reason to smile!

Having undertaken the required training Dr Keya Vithani is now a listed Invisalign provider, and she can’t wait to get started offering this incredible teeth straightening treatment to the people of Thamesmead.

You can find out more about how Invisalign’s unique, bespoke system of nearly invisible aligners works here, but why not also call us on 020 8311 9400 and talk to one of our friendly team about your teeth straightening needs? We can even book you a complementary consultation with Keya who will be able to plan how Invisalign can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, as well as answering all your questions about this innovative system.

And as a special promotion to celebrate Clocktower Dental offering this fantastic new service, the first ten people who decide to achieve the smile of their dreams with Invisalign will receive free teeth whitening worth £350 at the end of their treatment, whilst the first five of these will also receive a 10% reduction on the price of their treatment plan!

So there really never has been a better time to straighten your teeth at Clocktower Dental, the only question is…why wait?

Improve your chances of stealing a kiss this Valentine's Day by trying our Top 5 tips to a more kissable mouth - February 14th 2017

Bin the bouquet of flowers and chuck the chocolates, here at Clocktower Dental we think the greatest gift you can give your Valentine this February 14th is a more kissable mouth. So here’s our top 5 tips to help you on your way before you try to steal a kiss from your Valentine today.
1) Brush your teeth last thing at night…and again the morning after – Brushing twice a day is the cornerstone of good oral health, and is vital for preventing decay.
2) Chew sugar-free gum – Bad breath could crush your chances of a cheeky snog this Valentines Day. Do your date – and your teeth – a favour and chew some sugar-free gum after eating, it’ll help clean your teeth AND freshen your breath at the same time.
3) Change your tooth brush regularly (and don’t share!) – No matter how well we clean them, toothbrushes act as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so make sure you change yours every three months, and don’t share one with anyone else…even on Valentine’s Day!
4) Cut down the snacks – the way to your Valentine’s heart may be through their stomach, but cut down on the sugary snacks and drinks between meals. Each snack represents another acid attack on your teeth, potentially fuelling decay if not properly managed. Try to limit yourself to two snacks a day maximum…we weren’t kidding about chucking those chocs!
5) Make a date…with us! – A sure fire way to improve your oral health and make your mouth more kissable for that special someone is regular visits to one of our dentists. Call 020 8311 9400 today to speak to our team.

What is Acid Erosion? (And our Top 5 tips for avoiding it!) - December 12th 2016

At a time when over 61% of adults are classed as obese, the subject of a healthy diet is never far from the news at the moment. It’s also an important topic for us here at Clocktower Dental, as a good diet is essential for the healthy teeth and gums we want all our patients to have.
Many of the problems we see on a daily basis are as a result of acid erosion. Each time you eat or drink something acidic you put your teeth at risk of this irreversible process, and even seemingly healthy options like fruits and juices could be a danger!
Acid erosion can eat away at enamel – the hard, protective surface of the tooth – exposing the dentine beneath. It’s incredibly common, with up to 50% of children experiencing it, and many more adults as well. If you have slightly ‘glassy’ looking teeth, or if your teeth have short or uneven tips, it’s high likely some degree of acid erosion has taken place.
Unfortunately, acid erosion is pretty much irreversible once it occurs – but there are several steps you can take to prevent it (and a couple to minimise its effects).
1) Come and see us for a dental check up! – It sounds obvious, but with almost half of Britain’s adult population ignoring the guidance regarding regular visits to the dentist, we have to shout this one loud and clear! Visiting us regularly will allow us to detect any signs of acid erosion early, and at a point where we might be able to minimise its effects. And if you haven’t got it, we’ll be happy to give you a big pat on the back as well, and everyone likes one of those!
2) Reduce the number of times each day that you drink acidic and sugary foods – condensing the number of times your teeth’s enamel gets ‘attacked’ will have a positive effect on the prevention of acid erosion.
3) Make sure you don’t brush your teeth directly after acidic meals – wait at least 30 minutes to allow your natural defences (saliva) to do its work, and for the enamel to begin to harden again.
4) Water is your friend! – we all get thirsty, but how about quenching yours with some old fashioned H20? Not only is it good for your teeth, but it’ll help your health, your complexion, and probably your bank balance too! Oh, and if you do want to drink a real fruit juice, try diluting it with a little water to reduce the effects of the naturally occurring acids.
5) Consider a change in toothpaste – although acid erosion is irreversible, some toothpastes can help protect against it, whilst others contain ingredients designed to minimise the sensitivity it can cause. When you visit Clocktower Dental we’ll be more than happy to guide you to a toothpaste just right for you, and we probably stock it ourselves so there’s no risk of you picking up the wrong one!
6) Come and see us for a dental check up! – Okay, we’re repeating ourselves. But this one is so important we felt we had to. And if you do come and see us, we can give you a few more (different) tips in person. So don’t delay, book today!

When Should Children Have Their First Dental Visit? - November 21st 2016

Many of the dental problems we come across can be prevented easily, and learning to form the right lifestyle habits and how to make the correct choices early in life will help with this. That’s why we recommend bringing children to the dentist at a young age so that they can learn these practices in childhood. Our team is skilled at making patients of all ages feel at ease, so your child’s first visits will be stress free, positive experiences, setting them up for a lifetime of good dental health!

When should they come?

A baby’s front four teeth usually develop between 6 months and year – what we refer to as ‘teething’. This will often give your child sore or tender gums, and it’s also the ideal time for your child’s first dental visit.

After this initial visit, it’s usually recommended for children to attend the dentist every six months from the age of 2 years.

Once they reach 3 years old, most children will have their baby teeth or, as they’re better known, their ‘milk’ teeth. Sometimes people think that these teeth aren’t important as they get replaced by the adult teeth, but in reality they play an important role in your child’s oral health, as they act as placeholders for the adult teeth. Teaching your children the correct habits to care for their milk teeth will also stand them in good stead when they are looking after their adult teeth. We wholeheartedly recommend that parents ask their dentist for cleaning tips, and then help their children when they brush their teeth to make sure they’re doing it correctly.

What should we be doing?

As well as regular visits to us at Clocktower Dental, there are several things parents can do to help their children’s oral health.


  • Diet – A crucial part of your child’s oral health, as well as their overall health, is diet. Try to avoid sugary drinks and foods, and if they do have them, make it a once-a-day treat rather than spaced out through the day. This will limit the number of sugary acid attacks the teeth are exposed to.
  • Cleaning – Make sure your child brushes their teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Use a children’s fluoride toothpaste, and make sure they have their own brush. Whether they are brushing themselves or you’re helping them, make sure you ask your dentist to demonstrate the best techniques for brushing, and make sure your child is using them.
  • Set an example – children will imitate you, so make sure you set a good example by brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, and by visiting the dentist regularly!