Cosmetic Dentistry

White Fillings


Everyone loves a sparkling smile, but sometimes we lack confidence in the appearance of our teeth and so we hide them. At Clocktower Dental we offer a host of cosmetic dentistry options to help you attain the sparkling smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Fillings have been a common treatment in dentistry for many years. Until recently, due to the strength of the materials involved, having a filling has usually involved amalgam – a silvery grey substance which is strong and durable, but which some regard as unsightly, and highly noticeable.

However now there is another option, the white composite filling. White fillings used to be restricted to the front teeth – which undergo less of the strain caused by biting and chewing than other teeth – but thanks to advances in composite technology and strength, at Clocktower Dental we are now able to offer white fillings throughout your mouth, and can even replace existing amalgam fillings using a simple procedure.

Unfortunately, white fillings are deemed to be a cosmetic treatment by the NHS, and are therefore only available privately. However due to the benefits of white fillings we have found many of our patients opt for this procedure, and they are always delighted with the aesthetic results.