General Dentistry



At Clocktower Dental we believe in a preventative approach to dentistry, and so we recommend regular check-ups and cleaning to reduce the need for treatments, or the possible loss of teeth. And why not spread the costs of your visits across the year by joining our dental plan? Not only could you save up to £153 a year, but joining our plans encourages regular attendance, thereby improving your oral health!

At Clocktower Dental we know how important it is to have clean and healthy teeth. Clean teeth are integral to a sparkling, confident smile, and we want all our patients to have that. Oral hygiene is also a key factor in bad breath and of course, gum disease. Left unattended, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other costly problems, so it’s crucial that a regular hygiene programme is kept up to help prevent this.

At Clocktower Dental we offer several options for cleaning, and include advanced oral health education with all our cleaning appointments as standard. From basic tartar removal using the ‘scale and polish technique’, to a more thorough quadrant based approach, we’ve got a hygiene solution for everyone. And for patients already suffering from gum disease or those who want enhanced cleaning, we also offer Therozone. This pioneering treatment uses highly oxygenated water to kill bacteria, dramatically reducing gum disease when used regularly.

So whatever your level of dental hygiene, by choosing to have your teeth cleaned at Clocktower Dental you can be sure that you will not only leave the Practice with cleaner teeth, but will possess the knowledge and techniques you need to carry on improving your oral hygiene at home, reducing the progress of gum disease and keeping your smile sparkling and your breath fresh.