In-Line Aligners


We can probably all remember the ‘metal train tracks’ used for straightening teeth when we were at school. And whilst these appliances are effective, we understand that you may prefer to straighten your teeth in a less visible way. With that in mind, at Clocktower Dental we offer several options for teeth straightening.

At Clocktower Dental we are pleased to be able to offer the In-Line Orthodontic system to our patients who wish to straighten their teeth.

In-Line is a nearly invisible orthodontic system, which uses a series of In-Line Clear Aligners – custom made for your teeth in Germany – to gently and safely reposition your teeth. Each aligner needs to be worn for around 20 hours each day (they can be taken out for eating, drinking, and social events if necessary) and they will straighten or move teeth for approximately 6mm in the direction required. Once the aligner has aligned the teeth to their relevant position, you will visit us again to obtain your next aligner, and the process will continue. Eventually, after the series of aligners is complete and your teeth have been straightened – usually between 5 and 10 months – you will be given either a fixed or removable retainer to keep your teeth in their new position.