Six Month Smile


We can probably all remember the ‘metal train tracks’ used for straightening teeth when we were at school. And whilst these appliances are effective, we understand that you may prefer to straighten your teeth in a less visible way. With that in mind, at Clocktower Dental we offer several options for teeth straightening.

Our most popular orthodontic option is Six Month Smiles. Originating in the USA, this revolutionary orthodontic treatment gives noticeably straighter teeth within an average time period of just six months – considerably shorter than the 18 month’s conventional orthodontic treatments can take.

Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to gently straighten your teeth into position. It can be used to reposition and straighten teeth, as well as closing small gaps you may be unhappy with. After your Six Month Smile treatment is complete, you will be given your choice of a tailor made retainer or bonded retainer which will keep your teeth in their new straightened positions.

So why not take the first step on your journey to straight teeth? Call today and book your free Six Month Smile consultation.