Restorative Dentistry

Broken Teeth


At Clocktower Dental we offer a wide range of options for all your restorative needs. We also know that sometimes these options can be confusing, so our dentists will always be happy to spend time discussing all the possible options available to you, making sure that your treatment is just right for you, every time.

Teeth can break for a variety of reasons, and at Clocktower Dental we can employ different solutions to make them whole again, depending on your needs.

One of our most popular solutions are porcelain veneers. This involves a thin, tooth coloured piece of porcelain being bonded onto the remaining portion of your tooth. These veneers are similar to those used when treating discoloured teeth, except they will be thicker in the section where your natural tooth is missing, to ensure the gap is filled.

Another solution to broken teeth which can sometimes be deployed is the use of composite material to ‘build’ your tooth back up. In this method, suitable for smaller breaks or chips, your Clocktower Dental dentist will choose a composite material to match the shade of your natural teeth, and will then apply this to the broken tooth, building it up in layers until the chip or break is filled. The composite is then ‘set’ using a curing heat light.