Restorative Dentistry



At Clocktower Dental we offer a wide range of options for all your restorative needs. We also know that sometimes these options can be confusing, so our dentists will always be happy to spend time discussing all the possible options available to you, making sure that your treatment is is just right for you, every time.

What is a crown and why are they needed?

A crown is a ‘cap’ which is placed over a broken or weakened tooth, or a tooth which has a very large filling undermining it. In some case they can also be used to correct gaps between teeth or severe discolouration where veneers may not be suitable.

How are crowns made, and what are made from?

Making a crown requires several stages, and so takes several appointments.

Firstly, your Clocktower Dental dentist will assess your teeth at a check-up, and take digital x-rays to ensure the suitability for a crown. They will also discuss which materials will work best for your crown. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, and ceramic alloys. They can also be a mixture of materials, which is often a preferred choice of patients as it combines the strength of metal with the aesthetic advantages of ceramics.

At the second appointment, known as a crown preparation appointment, your tooth will be ‘trimmed’ under local anaesthetic to create room for the crown, and a dental mould made. This mould will then be sent to our specialist dental laboratory, chosen for their skill and experience in crown treatments, where your permanent crown will be made by GDC-registered dental technicians. At the crown preparation appointment we will also create a bespoke temporary crown for you, which will be fitted to your prepared tooth using a temporary cement.

At your third appointment – the crown fit appointment – your temporary crown will be removed, the prepared area freshly cleaned, and your new crown will be fitted and tested to ensure a close match to your bite and appearance. Finally, when you are happy with the fit your crown will be cemented in place, where you can expect it to last for many years to come if properly cared for.