Restorative Dentistry



At Clocktower Dental we offer a wide range of options for all your restorative needs. We also know that sometimes these options can be confusing, so our dentists will always be happy to spend time discussing all the possible options available to you, making sure that your treatment is is just right for you, every time.

What is a denture, and why are they needed?

A denture is one of the options Clocktower Dental can offer when you are missing teeth. Dentures can either be ‘partial’, where a few teeth on an arch are missing, or ‘full’, when an entire arch of teeth is missing. Dentures, as a means to close the gaps caused by missing teeth, can be needed for a variety of reasons. They may assist you with biting, chewing, and speaking, as well as improving the overall cosmetic appearance of your mouth. Also, missing teeth can place additional strain on your remaining teeth, increasing the wear and tear they experience, and increasing the chances of further problems in the future. The gaps caused by missing teeth can also harbour food and bacteria, increasing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease in the future.


How are dentures made, and what are they made from?

At Clocktower Dental we offer our patients a choice of materials for their dentures, and our clinicians will advise you of the benefits and weakness of these, helping you to make the correct decision according to your specific needs. Our dentures are either made from acrylic or metal and, like crowns and bridges, are tailor made for you at our specially chosen dental laboratory by GDC registered dental technicians.

As with crowns and bridges, making a denture requires a series of appointments.

After an initial consultation where the options for your denture will be discussed with you, impressions will be made. Our chosen dental technicians will then make a ‘trial version’ of your denture, which your clinician will then try in your mouth. Once the comfort of the fit has been assessed, further changes can be made, before the impressions are once again returned to the dental laboratory when your final denture will be made. Once this is returned to us, your clinician will ask you to attend a ‘fit appointment’, where minor alterations will be made to ensure the denture fits just right. You will also be given instructions for the denture’s use and for its upkeep. It will also be explained to you how a denture requires some ‘wearing in’, and may feel strange for a few weeks after the fit.